Our company

Jamespot is an enterprise social network publisher and provider of a collaborative platform in SaAS mode (Software as A Service). In our belief that the various uses of the web have reached the world of business, guiding it towards a new form of governance, Jamespot now supplies local authorities, public administrations, large companies, as well as SMEs and French organizations who wish to encourage social networking in their field.

The particular advantage of the Jamespot solution is its adaptability for each organization: it is interoperable with workplace applications, taking on the design of the company which it represents, and gives added value to the information through the social graph.



Our vision

General public uses of the web are always one step ahead of companies' web uses. This means that today uses are tomorrow's corporate tools. The movement has been going this direction for ten years now. Google takes care of the search engine, Facebook handles the social network. Jamespot first tried it social network on the general public.

The SaaD (Software as as Disquette) is now obsolete, the SaaS (Software as s Service) has taken its place. The industry has now reached maturity, clients no longer want to be the “mechanist” of their applications. The SaaS mode enables clients to free themselves from those material contingencies, therefore focusing on their jobs.

For the general public the norm will be: emotion and real time in a permanent numeric/real space. For companies the norm will be: real time in a mixed numeric and real, internal and external space.



Our mission : make numeric information more human

  •  Give that information meaning, emotion
  • Put it into motion, interaction, in reality and in daily life
  • Put people and networks forward
  • Make interactions between people possible
  • Make applications social