Your greatest advantage is human capital.


Jamespot is a social business software service in SaaS (Software as a Service) that gathers the best features of the web 2.0 and social networking to bring them into your business processes.

Collaborative platform, extranet portal and social network in the same time, this solution is simple to set up and adapts to your usages.  Its user-friendliness, based on web habits ensures an easy adoption. Jamespot brings the power of social networking to your business. Human exchanges become again the core of the process.

Jamespot service allows people to bind, facilitates exchanges between every branch of the company and boost business processes for more productivity.

Jamespot offers as a standard mode all the functionalities of a social network associated with collaborative areas. Even better, it is completely modular: for each business unit, the only thing to do is to link the social network with a SocialReady! module to create a networking effect and benefit from productivity gains within the process.

Jamespot takes care of the hosting and gives you a total freedom. You do not have to deal with maintenance, hardware or software. With, get access to a simple tool, easy to adopt and putting together the best of Web 2.0 for your success.







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